'Strange and marvellous things will begin to happen with constant regularity when you make the ideas a part of your way of thinking, a part of your way of life.'

Earl Nightingale

Discover the Method to Earn More, Live Life With Freedom and Build More Meaningful Relationships

Lead the Field is the program that Bob Proctor studied to expand his learning and change his life.

Now we are pleased to be able to offer this life-changing program to you. 

After studying Thinking Into Results, you have the greater awareness and discipline necessary to be able to embark on this momentous journey within yourself. Days after starting the program, you’ll be accomplishing what you’ve only dreamt of in the past.

This coaching program will help you understand how ordinary people achieve extraordinary results. How individuals with no formal education and no business experience, can become wealthy.

Bob Proctor started from nothing and ended up with billions in the bank, and in this coaching program, we will help you understand exactly how this happens.

This elite coaching programme runs for 120 days. On top of the coaching, you will have 6-month access to The Academy, giving you a wealth of support as you take this exciting journey.

You are going to consolidate your existing knowledge, boosting it to a higher level, giving you the knowledge and confidence to create ANYTHING you want. 

Month One

Days 1-10

Mastering the One Magic Word that will allow you to sail through life, going from success to success.

Days 11-20

We focus on Greener Pastures, the realisation that everything you need is right in front of you. 

Days 21-30

You will learn about A Worthy Destination and building the patience needed to get there.

Month Two

Days 31-40

Discovering the Miracle of Your Mind will provide the first major quantum leap of the course. 

Days 41-50

Learn to Balance your Destiny, controlling every aspect of what your future holds for you. 

Days 51-60

We focus on planting a Seed for Achievement and understanding the care needed to nurture it. 

Month Three

Days 61-70

We focus on how much easier it is to win than to lose. We learn to Pursue Goals the Positive Way.  

Days 71-80

We focus on how much you are worth, and how Financial Worth Affects Spiritual Worth.

Days 81-90

We all have an innate fear/loathing of money. It's time to Change the Way We Think About Money

Month Four

Days 91-100

We discover the One Thing You Can't Hide and ensure that you can use it to your full advantage. 

Days 101-110

Every Day is an Adventure! How to harness the energy of the day to make success come to you.

Days 111-120

Leading in the New Economy helps ensure a healthy cash flow throughout your life.

What you’ll get:

This exclusive Advanced Study Program includes:

Continued Support and Accountability in The Academy

  • 6 months access to The Academy
  • Access to the incredible 120 day New Lead The Field Program
  • Power Hour: Live Coaching Calls with Declan Monday (9 AM - 10 AM GMT) Tuesday to Thursday (7 AM - 8 AM GMT)
  • Supportive & inspiring community
  • Yoga & Meditation Practice that complements all 12 lessons of Thinking Into Results supporting you physically and energetically throughout our New Lead The Field program
  • Collaboration outside The Academy, helping each other's businesses thrive while making new friendships. Our community gathers together for retreats and for seminars all over Ireland (additional costs apply for retreats & seminars).

Exclusive ‘High Level’ Elite Mastermind Group

  • Work together with like-minded Thinking Into Results graduates on your life-defining goals.  Meet weekly to tackle goals, challenges and problems together. Lean on each other and give and receive advice.

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