'Together, we discover the answers necessary for extraordinary growth through the immeasurable power of multiple minds working together.'

- Declan O’Donoghue

Come together and grow from within

The Global Mastermind has been designed to bring together likeminded groups of individuals and harness their innate abilities to see the pathways in the lives of others. 

Together you will work through attitudes to Money, Success and Self-Belief, breaking down barriers and building each other up. At the end of the Mastermind, you will be ready to face the world anew, with your group ready to hold you accountable and spur you on. 

The Global Mastermind is a 12 week investment in personal and professional growth. Each week you will attend a 90 minute Mastermind meeting. During the 90 minutes, the meeting will flow with 10 minutes for Inspired Thinking, 75 minutes for Masterminding, divided equally amongst the members, and 5 minutes to close and look at the following week’s recommended material and preparation guidelines.

Each week, your facilitators will guide you in a structured discussion around a variety of mindset frameworks. This enables you to brainstorm problems in a collaborative space and push beyond your expectations of what you can achieve.

The Mastermind is a protected space, nothing leaves the group, so whatever you are facing in your life, you can discuss it without reservation, bringing clarity to your issues. 

What you’ll get:

  • Weekly online meet up with your Global Mastermind Group
  • 12 Digital lessons from Declan O’Donoghue which focus on:
    • Changing your approach to money and building your millionaire mindset
    • Boosting your self-confidence and helping you overcome fear of failure
    • Building the perfect happy balance between your business and your personal life
    • Creating a vision for the future that will keep you on the right path and focus your growth
    • Looking inward and ensuring you approach every aspect of your business with serenity and clarity
    • Progress and accountability, ensuring you and your fellow Masterminds are keeping yourselves and each other on track
  • A Global Client Community
  • Exclusive Client Bonus Content & Additional Resources
  • An introduction to a highly productive way of learning and thinking
  • Advice and lessons from business and thought leaders
  • A solid network of contacts to rely on long after the course is over
  • Opportunities for collaboration and cross promotion
  • A collaborative work environment with full accountability to ensure you get the most from the course​

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